Thursday, July 3, 2008

Powerless Power!!!

Well, let's just say that last night was interesting. Right next to UCSB is a mountain that is on fire!!! I know, exciting to say the least. So it isn't bad at all, just ash falling from the sky and thick cloud of smoke. Anyway, that bad thing is that it caused some rolling brown outs or a straight out black out in the whole city. So we are without power and we have all of these kids that want pizza (that isn't coming anymore). So it is basically the basis of a stressful situation. Though it didn't cause much strife among the leadership I work with. I see them every day and they handle things well, all the time but I was just so impressed with the control they showed during this high
elevated stressful time. Like I said Power when we had none. I'm glad to be working with my FC's and BC's, also my co-HC has truly been like my other half (I'd be lost without her). So things are well at EFY since we now have power and I am still with powerful people.


Natalia said...

It sounds like EFY is pretty darn amazing, even with the fire scares that are going on. Stay safe and enjoy yourself. Let us know if there are any cool medical mysteries you get to help with, too. :)

Jennifer said...

Word on the street is that you've met my cousin there. Awesome.