Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good old Uncle Steve

Well good old Uncle Steve decided to foot the bill and my mac's optical drive repair. So far, so good. It works although it does sound a little different. But it is good to have my computer back. Now I can more efficiently waste time at home instead of having to go on campus to waste day light. Anyway, that's whats new.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Simply Amazing

Okay, you will not even believe what happened to me the other day. I saw He-4 superfluid creep. I know it is exciting. Anyway as you all know He - 4 is a boson which means multiple atoms can share the same energy states (unlike fermions, that can not share energy states because of their 1/2 integral spin). So anyway, when He-4 reaches 4 Kelvin (about -452.5 degrees Fahrenheit) all of the atoms drop to the same energy state, leaving a gap in the energy states. Because of that gap it become a superfluid which is a perfect conductor of heat. Not a good conductor but a perfect conductor. So it will start to climb up the walls of the dewar flask as it gains this weird surface tension, that is called the super fluid creep. I looks like a jar full of water, if fact it was hard to even see that. The actual viewing is incredibly anticlimactic but it is cool to know that I have seen something that less that 500 Americans have ever seen.

A bit of the life of this Hammari

For all of those interested in knowing I am currently viewing my options for summer employment. I seem to be stuck. I have the possibility of having a really cool job as a EMT for EFY that pays really well, has great benefits, will give me patient care hours and will just be loads of fun. I also applied to be a research assistant through the American Heart Association. The research job will not be nearly as exciting and compensation with regards to filthy lucre is slightly less than EFY. However, I think it will open more doors to me. The EFY job seems to be a shoe in since I know the woman who does the hiring. I'm still waiting on the research job, I'll know in 6 weeks. I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out but that is what I am pondering nowadays.