Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Peaceful Life

Many of life's greatest triumphs are the result of great character. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things by refusing to take life as it is and make a difference. These ordinary people are then no longer slaves of the mundane but free to challenge and try their character as and individual. The will to do more allows them to have great achievements and even triumphs.
Such is the case of our friend Leroy. Leroy was on old little fellow but of good report from all his friends. See Leroy lived under a tree that grew over a rock. This was the idea place from Leroy to live since other conditions were not conducive to his health. If he lived atop the tree the heat of the day in the middle of the summer would cause him much trouble and out side of the tree the wind and rain might cause him to melt. This is all due to the fact that Leroy is a Gummy Bear...

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