Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Child's Laugh

I have the most amazing son. In his fourth month of life he has started to enjoy laughing at almost everything (as long as he is not cranky). But the best part is that he laughs while breathing in, it is totally cute. So enjoy laughing inwards and suck on a pickle/cactus!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why you shouldn't smoke...

...The Zombie Squirrel Apocalypse is almost upon us!!! Now, you might be a bit confused. This is understandable because you have been indoctrinated by tv, movies and public education that the zombie apocalypse would be driven by the human's natural instinct for brains. That's right, natural because every human has this desire but has the common sense to not crush any skulls. But in the end it will be the squirrels that usher in the end of mankind. At least they will try to since some humans will be immune and flat out ignored by the squirrels. Their apparent blood lust will not be for the erythrocytes but for the nicotine coursing through their veins.

Squirrels have been introduced to an unnatural source of toxins and stimulates that would otherwise be avoided if not for the human's presentation of them. Cigarettes are left lying around wrapped up as brown paper packages. This situation has caused an unnatural addiction to nicotine that is only building as smokers leave about the butts to their cigarettes. Soon squirrels will be thirsting for that nicotine and will quickly realize that nicotine is everywhere in the bodies of smokers. Their nicotine lust will turn into a type of bloodlust and smokers everywhere will hewn down by vicious teeth and stone sharpen claws of the sciurus carolinensis. Mean while 34% of the world will be quickly destroyed, including 54% of Chinese doctors. With so much carnage humankind will suffer. But still the non-smokers should survive and that is because of good life choices.

This PSA has been brought to you by PETS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Squirrels

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rate My Teachers!!!


I have only taught for a semester and I already have two rankings on I have an average of 2.5!!! (on a scale of 1-5, so not that good) That means I have annoyed at least two students this year enough to get them to rate me. Hooray!!! The question is: Would it be unethical for me to rate myself?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its Late

I just thought I would tell the world that I am constantly stunned by the beauty of my wife.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hi. I'm in Oklahoma. Some of the best things about Oklahoma include the people and the food. But the worst is the weather. So far no one has been able to tell me where the thermostat for outside is. It is really is too bad since I'm sure the outdoors would be a happening scene if only it were a bit cooler.

Scientists are dumb

Not all scientists are dumb though... just the dumb ones. I just finished watching "Expelled," a documentary by Ben Stein (from Win Ben Stein's Money or popularly know as the monotone professor in Ferris Bueller's Day Off). In this documentary, Ben goes about showing scientists who have been "expelled" from their positions in academia and research because of their difference in opinion regarding intelligent design.
A little background information will help to better understand this issue. Most scientists in power at universities and government agencies believe in evolution as the origin of species or life. Now there is a difference between the fact that things evolve and the theory (and I do mean theory) of evolution. It can be proved that species change over time due to natural selection, such as Darwin proposed, this is evolution. The theory of evolution, which some scientists adamantly adhere to, states that all life stems from one cell that randomly came together to form the first life form. This theory has not been proven (nor can it be). Intelligent design proponents assert that the possibility for random atoms molecules to come together independently and form life is so low that it is near impossible (like 1 in a googolplex or even at best estimates winning the jackpot on a slot machine 250 in a row). So instead of a random event, life was created by or at least guided by some sort of intelligent being (whether it be God, Allah, aliens, or something else... though I hope "Knowing" wasn't right). Intelligent does not state that one way or another is wrong or right but just possible (hey look open mindedness).
So in the documentary, the scientists are either strict theory of evolution believers, intelligent design believers, or neither but are punished because the said intelligent design might be a possibility. I am not going to say one is right or wrong but I will say that the scientists that do are wrong. Those interviewed in the documentary that are in favor of the theory evolution state it as a fact or a law based on the fact that evolution exists. However they base this law on theories that are unproven. Life must have randomly been generated and the current theories are primordial soup (a pool of all the essential elements is struck by lightening to form life) and grown on crystals (essential proteins are grow on the back of crystals). The former is all but disproved and the latter is now where near being proven. So obviously the scientists that believe the theory of evolution to be the immutable truth are just full of themselves because their law is based on unproven theories. As I am sure the same would apply to those that adhere strictly to intelligent design.
My point is this scientist need to accept idea where ever they come from. They don't need to believe them but they shouldn't shun them either. If it isn't right, prove or prove your own idea but don't shut it out because it is different. If we always received new or different ideas with hostility we would still think the world is flat and has four corners. Information should be free to everyone not just those in power or authority.

Monday, February 15, 2010


A tribute to the late Azeem.

Me: I love you more than Azeem.
Randi:No, Azeem loves me more. Know why? Because I feed him.
Me: That's your job.
Randi: I don't feed you.
Me: I feed you. Does Azeem feed you?
Randi: He might. If the Apocalypse came early.
Me: You would eat Azeem?
Randi: Maybe.
Me: Have you seen his bottle? I mean, bowl?
Randi: Hey! I cleaned it! Yesterday.
Me: He's swimming in his own poop.
Randi: I'd clean it again.
Me: You'd clean it again? That seems counterproductive...