Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey I forgot to mention

Well, I'm pretty sure that you already know since it seems that my mother has informed the world, but I did get that job as and EMT for EFY. My actual title is and EFY Health Counselor. I always enjoy using the actual titles they always sound so much cooler. For example, when I worked at Bank of America as a vault teller I was actually a Cash Services Representative. See, so much cooler. Anyway, I will be spending seven weeks in the summer just traveling around to EFY locations in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Fresno and Nauvoo. It will be great. Hopefully, I can keep people informed about what going on with me through my blog. And when I say people I mean both of you. But I write as if there were more because I hope there will be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wow, someone actually reads my blog

I was surprised to see a comment on my blog this time i logged in. I didn't know that anyone actually read what I was writing. It is good I suppose, but now I feel bad that I haven't been writing. I have been telling myself that I don't need to write because nobody actually reads my posts anyway. Well, thanks Sister of mine for inspiring me to be more diligent.