Tuesday, June 24, 2008

California Fun is Done...

... for now! Yep, I am home for a week. I spent the last week in Northern California and next week I leave for Southern California for EFY. It will be great. I really enjoyed my time back in Modesto. It was great to see family and visit some friends. The Monday before last, Kevin and I arrived in Ripon and we participated in a big family barbecue. Uncle Glen's pool is amazing after a 12 hour drive. Tuesday I visited the Lewis and Smeltzer fams and did a bunch of going about the town. Other added benefits of Modesto were lab coats for a dollar a piece and eight dollars for a box of medical tape, yes! Thursday, we made our way up to the Russian River for a Family Reunion. It was great, filled with freezing cold oceans and wonderful rivers to play in. It was fun to be with the family. Inspired by grandpa's words of wisdom this year I am going to improve my food storage. Sunday we came home, 12 more hours in Kevin's car. Oh by the way I can drive stick now, I need like a bit more practice but I don't think I'm that bad. Anyway the trip was great. Now I need to prepare for the next one.


Dianey Face said...

I've subscribed to your blog now, so I can be sure to keep up with all your Californian adventures!

hammari (like safari) said...

I love your mention of simple pleasures at finding inexpensive buys of lab coats and medical tape. I once joked that I knew I had reached a milestone in growing up with the kitchen aisle suddenly became interesting. :) We love reading of your adventures and are so happy to hear you are happy!
Anna (& Josh)